FreedomPop today announced it will begin selling LTE tablets and offering free voice, text and data services to go along with them.

In addition, the MVNO will offer a unique phone number for tablets, which it said will expand the tablet’s phone capabilities and open it up to services like WhatsApp that require a phone number.

FreedomPop’s standard free tier rate of 500 MBs of LTE data, 200 voice minutes and 500 texts will work for LTE tablets that customers bring and a pair of LTE tablets the carrier will be selling. FreedomPop plans to offer an iPad mini for $319 and a Samsung Tab 3 for $199.

The $319 price tag on their LTE-enabled iPad mini represents a sizable discount. Apple and carriers like AT&T charge $529 for a 16GB LTE/Wi-Fi iPad mini.

The newest announcement from the Sprint-based MVNO keeps in line with other recent Apple product additions and aggressive pricing. In April, FreedomPop added the iPhone 4 and 5 to its portfolio and in May it announced a $20 unlimited everything plan with 1GB of high-speed data.