ViaSat Inc. and Eutelsat Communications have entered into a pioneering agreement that will enable service access and roaming on each other’s satellite networks (KA-SAT for Eutelsat and ViaSat-1 for ViaSat). Both Ka-band networks, representing over half of all Ka-band capacity on orbit worldwide, share the same satellite ecosystem, enabled by the ViaSat Broadband System, along with other ground infrastructure owned and operated by Eutelsat and ViaSat. The resulting service area will span North America, Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

MobileIron today announced new capabilities in its summer release for enterprise IT: MobileIron Insight is a new tablet app that allows IT to manage its mobile deployment from anywhere; MobileIron Spaces is a new structure within MobileIron Core that allows IT to establish data and task boundaries to protect user privacy and provide delegation of IT responsibilities; The MobileIron summer release also adds new OS platform, data security, and ecosystem integration capabilities that allow IT to adapt to the mobile environment.

IBM announced that Bluemix, the company’s open cloud development platform, is now generally available with more than 50 services for building cloud-based business applications. Today’s addition of new services, and the adoption and growth of Bluemix during its four-month open beta period, makes IBM’s deployment of Cloud Foundry one of the largest in the world in its first few months. 

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure, a division of TESSCO Technologies Incorporated, today introduced the TerraWave Under-the-Seat Wi-Fi Solution to solve the challenges of providing Wi-Fi coverage and capacity in open air stadiums and large venues with high ceilings where installing access points and antennas may not be practical, or even possible.

Infragistics, a provider of enterprise mobility, announced it has enhanced its business intelligence and collaboration solutions, ReportPlus and SharePlus, combining them into the new Infragistics Enterprise Mobility Suite.