Virgin Mobile a pair of Walmart exclusive plans offering unlimited voice or unlimited texting for $20 per month.

The payLo deals include either 50 messages to go along with unlimited calling or 50 voice minutes to go along with unlimited texts. Customers opting for the value plans will have to pick from either a Kyocera Kona or Samsung Montage.

The special offer manages to undercut the $25 unlimited talk and text plans for prepaid competitors MetroPCS and Cricket. It’s also a better deal than Virgin’s existing $20 payLo plan featuring 400 minutes plus a 15-cent charge per text and a whopping $1.50 charge per megabyte of data used.

On top of the $20 plans, Virgin Mobile will sell its other payLo plans at Walmart. The carrier offers a $30 plan feature 1500 voice minutes and 1500 texts and also a $40 unlimited talk and text plan.