Time Warner Cable has signed a Wi-Fi roaming agreement with Boingo that will give Time Warner customers access to more than 100 of Boingo locations including 23 U.S. airports, 36 NYC subway stations and locations like Soldier Field in Chicago are also included.

Boingo customers will now have access to Time Warner’s more than 35,000 hotspots in cities including New York and Los Angeles.

The two members of the Wireless Broadband Alliance are promising to complete a Passpoint-enabled integration later this year, allowing customers to connect via their Passpoint-certified devices and account credentials.

Time Warner’s move to beef up its Wi-Fi coverage comes as Comcast works to acquire the cable-Internet provider in a deal valued at $45 billion.

Comcast has already substantially deployed its Xfinity hotspot network. But the company has seen some backlash from its public Wi-Fi initiative, which sends out a public hotspot from its customers’ in-home Wi-Fi routers, allowing Comcast customers and, on a more limited basis, non-customers to access free wireless. Comcast sends out a separate signal to protect in-home customers’ security and bandwidth but the carrier also admits that all its Wi-Fi signals operate on the same spectrum, meaning in-home Wi-Fi could be affected by public Wi-Fi use.

A number of publications have been informing Comcast customers how to opt out of the public Wi-Fi program.