T-Mobile CEO John Legere launched a Twitter tirade over reports that Amazon’s smartphone will be an AT&T exclusive.

Legere went on to say that exclusivity “sucks” for consumers and for the industry as a whole. He also jabbed AT&T for the Facebook Phone, another high-profile exclusive for the carrier and a flop with consumers and critics alike. The HTC phone quickly dropped in price all the way down to 99 cents on-contract.

AT&T had an exclusive on Apple’s iPhone from its 2007 launch until 2010. This week the Wall Street Journal reported that AT&T had scored another big exclusive with the Amazon smartphone, due to be unveiled today.

While Legere is clearly disappointed at the possibility of an AT&T exclusive on the Amazon phone, he has T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 5.0 announcement today to focus on. Rumors have suggested T-Mobile will introduce more simplified pricing for its plans, including taxes and fees into the advertised rates.