T-Mobile CEO John Legere today took to Twitter to apologize to any offended by his remarks he made during the carrier’s Uncarrier 5.0 event Wednesday.

The usually brash Legere regularly picks on the other three major U.S. carriers—AT&T, in particular—but his choice of words last night may have gone too far. Legere said AT&T and Verizon are “raping” their customers.

Legere added that his remarks were an unfortunate drawback of having “no filter.”

The Uncarrier event fell on the same day as Amazon’s unveiling of its new Fire Phone, for which AT&T scored a carrier exclusive. The day before both events, a clearly-irked Legere unleashed a Twitter rant bashing both Amazon and AT&T, decrying exclusives as bad for consumers and the industry, and poking fun at AT&T over the Facebook Phone flop.