The FCC is continuing its push to keep broadcasters informed about just exactly how the upcoming incentive auctions will work. 

According to a blog posted by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the FCC is prepping a series of webinars to educate broadcasters on the auction. 

Calling the auctions a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for broadcasters," Wheeler recognized that spectrum auctions are new to most broadcasters. That said, he stressed the importance of ensuring they understand the process. 

The FCC will conduct webinars to explain the rules for the Incentive Auction. The first of these sessions, to be held this week in coordination with the state broadcaster associations, will describe the opportunity for broadcasters to voluntarily participate in the incentive auction.  

"It will cover who is eligible to bid, how the reverse and forward auctions will work and when winning bidders will get paid," Wheeler wrote. "It will also address post-auction issues, including the transition to new channels, the timing for relocation, and reimbursement of relocation costs."  

Wheeler also said that as the auction nears, the "Commission experts" will hold additional webinars and travel across the country to demonstrate to interested broadcasters how to participate, including providing hands-on bidding demonstrations.