The FCC has spelled out the proposed changes to its spectrum screen, detailing which airwaves are in and which are out along with other moves geared toward public interest.

In a NPRM issued yesterday, the FCC added spectrum to the screen: 40 megahertz of AWS-4, 10 megahertz of H Block, 65 megahertz of AWS-3, when it becomes available on a market-by-market basis, 12 megahertz of BRS, 89 megahertz of EBS, and the total amount of 600 MHz spectrum auctioned in the Incentive Auction.

The Commission also announced that 12.5 MHz of SMR and 10 MHz of Upper 700 MHz D Block spectrum would be subtracted from the screen.

The filing also outlined the FCC’s plans to set aside 30 MHz spectrum reserve in each market for the Incentive Auction and limit secondary market transactions of 600 MHz spectrum for six years following the auction.

The FCC declined to adopt auction-specific limits for AWS-3 spectrum and vowed to “treat certain further concentrations of below-1-GHz spectrum as an enhanced factor” when reviewing transactions.

The full report can be viewed here.