AT&T last week quietly launched a new device protection plan that will support multiple devices for a monthly fee. 

The new Multi-Device Protection Pack will run $30 per month and will allow customers to add two additional eligible devices, connected or non-connect, to a primary device. The plan covers replacement or maintenance of lost, stolen or damaged devices and includes some support services. 

AT&T is trying to differentiate from other offerings by features a declining deductible on the plans. Customers enrolled in the Multi-Device Protection Pack plan for six consecutive months without filing a claim will be eligible for approximately 25 percent off the standard deductible. Those enrolled for a year without filing a claim will be eligible for approximately 50 percent off the standard deductible.

AT&T says the additional two devices, which can be tablets, laptops or smartphones, can be added at any time after the purchase of the plan. AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack purchase (claims for non-connected devices cannot be made until 30 days after MDPP enrollment). 

The service will also include direct, live support — via phone or web chat — for device setup, “how-to” help with back-up, storage and battery life issues, as well as other troubleshooting assistance. Customers can also allow expert technicians to remotely access and control their device to help with solving problems.

AT&T will limit eligible devices to those running Windows Vista, OSX, Android or iOS or newer operating systems.