AT&T will reportedly begin launching Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on May 23, beginning with Chicago and Minneapolis.

Following delays in offering the technology for both AT&T and Verizon, Engadget has word from sources familiar with the matter that Big Blue will finally get the IP-based voice calling off the ground.

AT&T declined to comment on the report. A spokesperson for the carrier reiterated AT&T’s plans to launch VoLTE some time in 2014.

The change means that voice calling in VoLTE markets will be moved from AT&T’s legacy circuit-switched networks and sent over the carrier’s packet-switched LTE. VoLTE promises clearer, richer call quality. Of course, the technology requires a compatible handset. As the report points out, AT&T’s upcoming Asus Padfone X supports VoLTE.

Rumors earlier in the year pointed toward AT&T testing VoLTE with Samsung devices.

AT&T in 2012 began its Project Velocity IP program that involves deploying thousands of small cells, which could help bolster VoLTE coverage.