Virgin Mobile wants in on that sweet 2.5 GHz Sprint Spark network and today has a new hotspot ready to ride those waves.

The Netgear Mingle will run $99 for Virgin customers and will take advantage of all three of Sprint’s LTE bands as well as the carrier’s 3G network. The hotspot will be available for Virgin’s Broadband2Go with no-contract offers starting at $5 a day for 250MB and jumping to monthly plans that run $25 for 1.5GB and $55 for 6GB of high-speed data.

The Mingle packs a 1,800 mAh battery promising 12.5 hours of use and a 1.77-inch LCD display.

The Overdrive Pro, the other only previously available hotspot for Virgin’s Broadband2Go plans, runs only on Sprint’s EV-DO and Wi-Max networks.

The Mingle joins other Netgear hotspots like the Zing available through Sprint, along with a handful of handsets like the LG G Flex that run on Sprint’s newest network technology.

Sprint has deployed Spark in 18 cities so far and has plans to cover 100 cities with the network over the next three years.