Verizon Wireless today quietly adjusted its More Everything plans with cuts that bring its offering more in line with rival AT&T. 

Verizon's MORE Everything plans now bring monthly per-line smartphone access fees down to $15 for those customers who subscribe to Verizon's Edge upgrade program. Assuming a family of four, that brings the total per-line access charges to $60. Tack on an extra $100 for a 10GB bucket of data and Verizon has matched AT&T's most recent plans to the dollar.

A Verizon spokeswoman confirmed the new prices and emphasized that the plans were a tweak to existing MORE Everything plans and would only be available for a limited time.

AT&T's new Mobile Share plans announced last month start at $130 per month for two lines with 10GB of data and unlimited talk and text. AT&T dropped its monthly device charge to $15, which resulted in a $160 10GB plan for a family of four.

Until now, Verizon had largely stayed out of the pricing war that T-Mobile brought to AT&T with its Un-Carrier strategy.

Verizon's More Everything plan was at least a start at meeting AT&T. When the plans were first launched, the $40 tier was increased to offer 1 GB of data, double the 500 MB Verizon had previously offered. Meanwhile, 2 GB was increased to $50 and the carrier added a new 3 GB plan for $60.