HTC Corporation today released unaudited results for the first quarter of 2014, posting a net loss before tax of $62.17 million on $1.08 billion in total revenue. Net operating losses hit $67.7 milion. 

This latest quarter's losses come after HTC reported a new profits of $10 million in the fourth quarter of last year, which was largely attributed to the company's sale of headphone maker Beats. 

HTC has not missed with device reviewers, who consistently give HTC's high-end smartphones high marks for design and quality. Still, the company has been unable to message their products here in the United States in the same way Samsung has done. 

Despite rave reviews, HTC has continued to lose market share and is now betting on the recently released successor to the HTC One, the HTC One M8. 

New numbers from ComScore released April 4 show that HTC's market share dropped from 6.4 percent in the three-month period ending in November 2013, to 5.4 in the three-month period ending in February 2014.