After acquiring Mailbox back in March of 2013, Dropbox today announced an Android and desktop version of the Mailbox app. 

Mailbox, which made headlines with its long wait while in Beta as an iOS app, is aimed at more easily sorting through and organizing mail through various swipe gestures. 

In a blog on the company's website the company also announced a new feature for Mailbox called auto-swipe, a way Mailbox learns as users interact with the app. 

Dropbox also announced today a new feature that organizes photos stored in its cloud, as well a way to more easily manage personal and business data.

Dropbox plays in a crowded field that includes beheamoths like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, which see the storage of personal documents, photos and media as way to create stickiness within their content and device ecosystems.

Former Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside in Feburary confirmed that he was leaving Motorla to assume the position of Chief Operating Officer for Dropbox.