Verizon Monday rolled out new 3G prepaid plans, starting at $35 for basic phones and $45 for smartphones. 

The new "AllSet" plans start at $45 for 500 MB  and unlimited talk and texts. For a limited time, smartphone customers can double their monthly data to 1 GB by enrolling in Auto Pay.

The new plans hinge on what Verizon is calling" Bridge" data or data packages with a 90-day expiration cycle. Verizon will offer an additional 500 MB package for $5, as well as 1GB and 3GB packages, for $10 and $20 respectively. Unused data from the 1 GB and 3 GB packages would carry over to the next billing cycle. The 500 MB package expires after 30 days. 

Put it all together, and a customer could pay $65 for unlimited talk, text and 3.5GB of 3G data. 

Smartphone users that choose the plans will also have access to the mobile hotspot feature on their devices to connect their additional devices like laptops to Wi-Fi networks when available.