T-Mobile's latest Un-Carrier moved announced today will do away with discounts for large companies. 

In the interest of simplifying the T-Mobile's pricing plans across the board, the carrier will do away with discounted plans for large employers. 

Writing in a blog on the company's website, CEO John Legere said that T-Mobile's Simple Choice plans are already a "screaming deal."

"Beginning April 1, T-Mobile will be moving away from employer rate plan discounts and replacing them with a T-Mobile reward card of $25 each time an employee purchases a new device," Legere wrote. "It's simple, clear and transparent – like everything we do. For a family of four who upgrade their devices once a year, that’s as much as $100 off. $200 if they upgrade twice a year." 

Legere framed the old employer discounts as programs "designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips." 

"We aren’t playing that game anymore," Legere said. "This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone...including employees of small and large companies alike."