Starbucks is reportedly set to test a service this year that will customers to order their coffee right from their smartphone. The new feature is part of the company's push to promote its mobile application, according to a report from Bloomberg

Adam Brotman, chief digital officer at Starbucks, told Bloomberg that his company is actively working on mobile odering. 

The news comes amid a recent revamp of Starbuck's mobile app for the iPhone, which allows customers to leave a tip at Starbucks stores in the U.S.

In a statement, Brotman said that more than 11 percent of transactions a week are now happening with a mobile device, and nearly 10 million customers currently use Starbuck's mobile app, 

“This update to the Starbucks App for iPhone is an important next step in digital innovation at Starbucks and one of the many ways we’ll expand and improve our digital experience in the months to come,” Brotman said. 

Starbucks also added a "Shake to Pay" feature to the app, which allows customers to shake their phone to bring the barcode of their Starbucks Card to their homescreen.