IBM and Peugot will integrate and analyze data from cars, phones, traffic signals, lights and other sources to deliver new customized solutions for drivers. Peugot automobiles will now be able to provide drivers with access to numerous channels such as mobile apps, websites, vehicle data, customer service, weather updates.

Ravello Systems, a nested virtualization provider, today announced that Deutsche Telekom AG uses Ravello to develop and test software in its Hosted Business Solutions division. Tasked to develop and roll out a next-generation cloud-based telephony service targeted at small and medium businesses, the business unit leverages Ravello for cost-effective and continuous development.

Axell Wireless, a worldwide provider of wireless cellular and public safety solutions for buildings and confined spaces, is supplying the public safety communications system for the new World Trade Center complex in New York City, including One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the U.S. at 1776 feet and the fourth tallest in the world.  The deployment is the largest public safety system installed by Axell and will cover One World Trade Center, implemented by TechMer and Axell Wireless. It will also cover the surrounding buildings including the World Trade Center HUB, Pavilion, Vehicle Security Center Roadway (shopping malls and transportation center for the complex), Museum and Memorial, implemented by Pinnacle Wireless and Axell Wireless.

Daintree Networks, Inc., a provider of open, networked wireless solutions for smart building control and energy management, and LG Electronics USA today announced they have teamed to create a fully integrated LED lighting solution with wireless control for commercial settings. Together, the companies have worked to embed wireless communication capability directly into LED drivers used in LG LED lighting fixtures, enabling interaction with Daintree's ControlScope networked wireless control solution.