AT&T today announced updates to its on-device enterprise security platform, Toggle, including the addition of support for two separate lines on one device: one for personal use and the other for business.

Customers will be able to switch back and forth between their personal and work numbers as they alternate between personal and the secure work portal. The separate work number will also support a separate voicemail. 

In addition, Toggle now allows enterprises to give employees fixed amounts of data and, in turn, monitor the data usage of employees. Toggle also now made its VPN options a little more flexible.

Along with the updates, AT&T has announced that Toggle will be available starting Feb. 24 for international business customers in countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Canada.

Toggle, initially rolled out in 2011, deploys a secure container on an employee’s personal device, keeping work-related data and applications separate from the user’s personal device.

AT&T has also opened the Toggle App Ecosystem to allow developers to test enterprise applications that have been wrapped for secure use within Toggle.