T-Mobile Blasts BlackBerry CEO’s Response, Offers $200 BB Trade-In Credit

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 11:25am
Ben Munson

Starting Friday, T-Mobile is offering a $200 trade-in for BlackBerry devices.

The deal, which can be combined with the ETF promotion for customers switching to T-Mobile, is good for any working BlackBerry. And existing T-Mobile BlackBerry users will get an additional $50 trade-in. T-Mobile is offering the limited time deal as a way for BlackBerry users to upgrade to the latest BB models—the Z10 and Q10—but the offer is extended to all of T-Mobile devices.

So as long as you have a BlackBerry that powers on and doesn’t have a cracked screen or any water damage, T-Mobile will offer up to $250 in device credit for it.

The offer is something of an olive branch following this week’s angry response to a T-Mobile email blast suggesting BlackBerry users trade for iPhones. In addition to drawing the ire of loyal BlackBerry fans, T-Mobile found itself on the business end of a strongly worded blog post from BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

In his post, Chen expressed outrage over the offer, shock that BlackBerry was not told about it in advance, and gratitude to the droves of BlackBerry fans to voiced their disappointment.

In his response, T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert marveled at the passion of BlackBerry fans but firmly opposed Chen’s response.

“The premise of his article was that it's best for customers if we restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice.  At T-Mobile we totally reject that premise,” Siervert wrote.


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