Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products and systems, today announces the ReliaCELL, a rugged, mountable cellular adapter designed to integrate with the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M and enterprise appliances for fast and highly-reliable cellular connectivity. The ReliaCELL comes certified and carrier approved to speed time to market.

lark unveiled Personal Assistant for Health and Wellness software on Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 as part of the newly announced S-Health. Without any additional wearable sensor, the phone can coach people on how to live healthier.  Not only does it keep track of users' physical activity throughout the day, the lark service will start learning the users' physical activity patterns and behaviors and suggesting the easiest ways for each person to get fitter and healthier."   

Dialog Semiconductor has unveiled an AC/DC rapid charge controller compatible with MediaTek’s new Pump Express fast charge protocol. The iW1680 is a single-chip solution that uses Dialog’s intelligent rapid charge digital algorithm and digital primary-side control technology to significantly reduce charge times in USB AC/DC wall chargers with no bill of materials (BOM) cost premium over slower conventional charging technologies. “Pump Express” is MediaTek’s proprietary protocol for fast charging mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones and media tablets, up to 45 percent faster than conventional chargers. 

LitePoint Wednesday announced its new solution for testing LTE cellular devices, LitePoint zSignal for LTE. LitePoint zSignal for LTE is a demodulation and vector signal analysis software toolkit for compliance testing and characterization of LTE cellular devices. zSignal for LTE provides a complete set of software tools needed to generate and analyze LTE RF and baseband I/Q signals for LTE standards, including carrier aggregation (up to 100 MHz channel bandwidth). The zSignal for LTE software toolkit includes software drivers, a programming API and an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).  

Telenity, a provider of location based services and solutions for communications networks, today announced the service launch of its Workforce Tracking Solution, CanVAS SmartTrail with Idea Cellular, the third largest mobile operator in India with a growing base of over 130 million subscribers. Idea Cellular’s Workforce Tracking Service targets small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises that need to monitor and take control of the activities of their field employees to optimize their productivity and performance. The underlying technology provided by Telenity’s CanVAS SmartTrail allows businesses to track their remote employees in real-time using any handset or mobile device type, ranging from basic mobile phones to smartphones.