Two weeks after launching on Sprint’s network, data-only MVNO DataXoom is partnering up with AT&T to offer LTE and HSPA+ network access to its customers.

DataXoom, which caters to mid- to large-sized enterprise customers, will offer 2GB, 5GB and 10GB pooled no-contract data plans on AT&T’s network. The AT&T partnership will focus on tablets but will still be open to all connected devices.

DataXoom supports LTE, CDMA, GSM and GOBI devices. The company will lease devices to enterprises, bundling the lease rate in with the service charges. Warranty, repair charges and access to DataXoom’s device management platform will also be available.

The launch with AT&T fits with DataXoom’s timetable to launch nationwide by February 2014, following the company’s limited launch in December 2013.

The company is headed up by CEO John Tantum, the founder and former president of Virgin Mobile USA.