HTC today announced its Advantage guarantee, including a free one-time replacement for a cracked screen. Anyone who buys an HTC One, One Max or One Mini beginning today can resthtc one assured that if they bust up the display in the first six months of ownership, HTC will fix it for them.

The fine print specifies that if HTC determines the device’s screen was damaged “by use not in accordance with the user manual,” the company will send the device back unrepaired.

HTC Advantage is also promising 25 to 50 GB of Google Drive storage for free—depending on the device. The company also swears to make its best effort to get Android updates out as quickly as possible, and HTC will support Android updates for devices for two years after initial launch. But HTC said it still can’t guarantee “specific updates or timeframes.”

The screen repair guarantee is not a common deal among OEMs and could help set HTC apart in markets like the U.S. where the company is struggling for share.