Hampton & Associates, the parent company of the credit card comparison website LowCards.com, has introduced a new website, SaveOnPhone.com, that will help consumers make an informed decision about their cell phone plans. SaveOnPhone.com tracks the major wireless carriers as well as these new discount carriers. The site places them all on one page so consumers can compare all the plans.

Novatel Wireless, Inc. announced that it has been selected by Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS), a fleet management systems provider, to deliver its MT 4100 and MT 3050 devices to support the VTS Silent Passenger application. The partnership will also support VTS’s migration from GPRS to CDMA technology.

Beltone First hits the market today as a hearing aid capable of streaming stereo sound from an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without the need for an additional pendant-like device. Wearers can also customize their hearing experience through the Beltone HearPlus app.

WiMacTel is partnering with Digiboo to distribute their digital entertainment kiosks and with PFU Systems to maintain and service the kiosks nationwide across the USA and Canada. WiMacTel, a nationwide provider of pay phones, operator services, directory assistance, wireless/VoIP dial tone and long distance in the US and Canada, announced today that the company is partnering with Digiboo and PFU Systems, Inc. in support of the Digiboo digital retail entertainment download touchscreen kiosks.