Sprint has confirmed the demise of its One Up early upgrade program that just launched four months ago in September.sprint one up ceo dan hesse

Sprint’s website said One Up was retired on Jan. 9. Existing Sprint One Up customers will be eligible to move to Sprint’s new Framily plans but they will no longer receive the $15 per month service discount that came with signing onto One Up. Customers who choose to move to a Framily plan will be able to pay an extra $20 per month per line for unlimited data and the ability to trade in their devices every 12 months.

Sprint did not immediately respond to questions as to why One Up was shuttered so shortly after launching.

Recently, Sprint saw another promotion not pan out. Speaking at an investor conference, CEO Dan Hesse remarked on Sprint’s free service for students promotion through Best Buy, saying the response was “OK, but it wasn’t great.

Sprint’s new Framily plans start at $55 per month for unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data. The plans decrease in cost as more lines are added, eventually hitting $25 per month with seven lines. Each line can be billed separately, allowing customers to add anyone to their Framily.