Enterprise MVNO DataXoom Launches on Sprint’s LTE Network

Thu, 01/23/2014 - 11:11am
Ben Munson

DataXoom, a data-only MVNO catering to mid- to large-sized enterprise customers, has signed a deal with Sprint to operate on the carrier’s LTE network.

In addition to providing a metered approach to selling data, DataXoom offers a management platform for mobile devices.

DataXoom supports LTE, CDMA, GSM and GOBI devices and it offers lease or payment options for enterprises that need to buy. The company’s data is sold per megabyte, pooled across all users, or in bulk by the terabyte.

The company is headed up by CEO John Tantum, the founder and former president of Virgin Mobile USA.

“We are especially excited about Sprint’s 2.5 GHz 4G LTE, which will dramatically improve the performance of Sprint’s 4G LTE network and will meet the high expectations of enterprises,” Tantum said.

DataXoom had a limited launch in December and plans to go nationwide in February.


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