AT&T announced that it will begin offering its customers exclusive Beat Music family plans beginning Jan. 21. (Image: AT&T)

AT&T said it will offer up unlimited streaming and downloads for offline listening for up to five family members across up to 10 devices for $15 a month. The service is starting out with 90 days free for the family plans.

AT&T is offering the same access for individual customers on up to three devices for $10 per month.

Beats Music, the new music streaming service from headphones behemoth Beats Electronics, promises that “human experts curate hand-picked songs” so that the service can deliver more personalized content than its competitors.

In 2012, Beats acquired streaming music service MOG. According to HTC, a heavy investor in Beats at the time, Beats reportedly bought MOG for just $14 million. It’s unclear how MOG fits into the Beats Music model, but it’s clear that HTC is not involved with either. Beats last year ended its partnership with HTC and bought back $265 million in shares from the struggling phone maker.

Beats Music is launching across Android, iOS and Windows platforms—as well as on PCs—on Jan. 21 and the service will be available in AT&T’s retail and web stores beginning Jan. 24.