With shares of T-Mobile having risen over 25 percent in a little over a month on the successes of its disruptive Un-Carrier strategy, the fourth largest carrier in the United States is looking like less of bargain lately. 

That said, Sprint has apparently received proposals from multiple banks willing to finance a bid for T-Mobile, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. That proposal, the Journal postulates, would be valued at approximately $50 billion and include $31 billion for T-Mobile, as well as the refinancing of T-Mobile's existing debt to the tune of $20 billion. 

AT&T's bid for T-Mobile, which was rejected by regulators, was valued at $39 billion. 

Securing financing for the deal may the easy part for Sprint. The negotiations would include four companies from three different countries, as well as a regulatory environment here in the United States that likes the status quo four-carrier competition in the market.

The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, said Deutsche Telekom and Softbank have both agreed that a merger of their two smaller companies would a good thing. Negotiations continue on the best way to proceed with that vision. 

As of Friday morning, T-Mobile's market cap was hovering right around $26.11 billion, with shares up nearly 3 percent in pre-market trading to $33.50.