The unwrapping of new smartphones and tablets, coupled with much-needed downtime, turns Christmas Day into a big annual boost for mobile application downloads. But new numbers (Credit: Flurry)from Flurry find that growth slowing considerably.

Looking at 400,000 apps, Flurry saw Christmas Day downloads spike 91 percent as compared with the first 21 days of December. But that number is down from the Christmas Day download traffic boost Flurry has seen in the previous two years, something the data company attributes to a maturing mobile device market.

Still, app download totals were up. Flurry saw annual increases of 11 percent on Christmas and 25 percent in December. That’s well short of the 90 percent annual bump it saw last year on Christmas, but it was still good enough to mark the largest Christmas yet for mobile app downloads.

Flurry also said part of the lower Christmas spike is because the biggest growth in the mobile device market is coming from regions where Christmas is less significant or ignored all together.

A breakdown of the mobile apps being downloaded on Christmas day found games and social media being downloaded twice as often as compared with the first three weeks of December.