IBM today announced the completion of its acquisition of Fiberlink, a privately held mobile management and security company.

Fiberlink’s cloud-based MaaS360 will boost the MDM offerings within IBM’s MobileFirst initiative and the solution will be slotted into IBM’s SaaS portfolio. Maas360 will sit atop SoftLayer’s cloud infrastructure.

MaaS360 offers both cloud-based and on-premise MDM, MCM and MAM including the containerization onboard mobile devices.

IBM outlined the boost to mobile resource capabilities stemming from the acquisition including BYOD initiatives, improved user experience and security for mobile apps, users, content and data. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

IBM has been pushing forward with the enterprise cloud since 2009 but accelerated that initiative when it last summer acquired SoftLayer’s cloud IaaS for $2 billion.

Ric Telford, vice president of cloud services at IBM, said that his company is seeing a demand for more granular service options in the cloud. Acquisitions like Fiberlink, adding to IBM’s more than 100 SaaS offerings, move in that “build your own business process” direction.