Busy MVNO FreedomPop has made good on another promise and is now allowing customers to bring their compatible devices into the FreedomPop fold.

In addition to opening up its service to Sprint devices, FreedomPop also announced its device portfolio is welcoming a new addition, the HTC Evo, for $99. That and the HTC Evo Design FreedomPop already announced will both surf Sprint’s Wi-Max network so customers will have to bring an LTE-enabled device to take advantage of the Sprint LTE that FreedomPop now supports.

The introduction of phones—to compliment the hotspots, dongles and routers FreedomPop already sells—coincides with the service’s move to offer free voice and text along with the mobile data.

FreedomPop’s service for the phones begins with the free tier offering of 500 MB of data, 500 text messages and 200 anytime minutes. From there, customers can put down $10.99 per month for unlimited voice and text along with an extra 500 MB.