SAN DIEGO - Qualcomm announced its Toq smartwatch and said the device will see a U.S. release in the fourth quarter.

The Toq features an always-on color screen and stereo Bluetooth headset featuring directional microphones for phone calls. It comes with a wireless charging pad for both the watch and the headsets.

The display will reportedly perform well in direct sunlight and though it’s always lit up, a full charge on the device will apparently last for days.

Users will be able to control calls, texts, reminders, notifications, music, and other apps via swipe controls on its touch screen. The device shows a clock and the weather on its homepage.

The watch and headset (available in black and white) will leverage Qualcomm’s AllJoyn connectivity standard. The device will also integrate Qualcomm’s new mobile version of its 2net mhealth platform

No pricing details were made available when the device was announced at Qualcomm’s Uplinq developer conference but CEO Paul Jacobs promised a limited edition version of the device would be available in the U.S. later this year.