SAN DIEGO - Qualcomm today introduced 2net Mobile, a new version of its mHealth platform designed to aggregate disparate medical data and health sensor information into one concentrated stream for access on mobile devices.

The white-label Android software module will mimic the gateway functionality of the 2net Hub allowing secure access and transmission of health information.

The SDK is now available to developers and will allow 2net Mobile to be integrated into existing Android apps.

The 2net Mobile software module consists of the 2net mobile core that communicates with biometric sensors and, in turn, interfaces with the 2netmobile application user interface. Developers will be able to bypass theapplication and build their own application around the mobile core.

As Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs said during his keynote address at the company’s 2013 Uplinq developer conference, his company has more mHealth advances in the works. In particular, he mentioned a current contest to create a machine similar to the Tricorder from Star Trek.

“You shouldn’t be here if you don’t remember the Tricorder device,” Jacobs joked before revealing that the project has attracted more than 300 teams to work on the device. The FDA has partnered with Qualcomm for the contest.