FreedomPop has been promising a switch to LTE for awhile now and today the MVNO is making good by offering up Sprint’s LTE network to its customers.

FreedomPop is rolling out the FreedomSpot 5580 LTE hotspot to go along with the network expansion. As Forbes pointed out, users who already bought a WiMax hotspot from the company can trade it in for the new LTE hotspot and pay the difference. FreedomPop LTE phones are expected to launch by the end of summer or early fall at the latest.

The same deal applies to the LTE devices, with FreedomPop guaranteeing 500 MB free every month. When LTE phones become available, that offer will expand to include unlimited text and 200 voice minutes.

FreedomPop earlier this year launched nationwide on Sprint’s EV-DO but it was waiting for Sprint’s LTE rollout to pick up steam before making the switch. With Sprint’s acquisition by SoftBank complete, Sprint’s LTE is expected to accelerate.

Last month, FreedomPop announced an additional $5 million in funding to help with the transition to smartphones and LTE. The company also announced that Nextel co-founder Chris Rogers had come on as a board adviser.