Amazon continues to court developers with today's announcement of Mobile Push, an new API that will allow app makers to send push notifications. 

According to a press release, the serivce will enabled developers to send notifications to iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. All Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can begin using the service at no charge and send up to one million notifications each month for free. 

After that, customers pay $.50 for every million messages published, and $.50 for every million messages delivered ($1.00 total per million push notifications). 

The news comes after Amazon earlier this month announced that it would open its virtual shelves to web-based apps. Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 web apps and mobile websites and have Amazon offer that content through the Amazon Appstore. 

Amazon had previously only offered native apps for Android and Kindle Fire devices through their storefront. A distribution mechanism of Amazon's scale would be a first for developers offering up HTML5-based apps.