All carriers offer zero-down phones for new subscribers and new contracts, but that low price is traditionally reserved for entry-level devices. T-Mobile is now offering the phones a lot of people actually want at the same $0 down deal.

As of July 27, T-Mobile customers can snag devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia Z, Nokia Lumia 925, HTC One, BlackBerry Q10 and iPhone 5 (8 GB model only) for nothing up front in exchange for paying higher monthly fees in some cases.

After T-Mobile earlier this year did away with device subsidies, its phone payment plans typically included varying down payment amounts coupled with 24 monthly installments of $20. Under the current deal, monthly installments jump to $25 or $27 for some devices.

T-Mobile’s zero-down offer comes not too far behind the carrier’s recent announcement of its Jump! early device upgrade plan. With the plan, customers pay a $10 monthly fee and can upgrade their devices as often as twice a year. AT&T and Verizon both followed up shortly after with early device upgrade plans of their own.

Sprint, meanwhile, has made waves with its unlimited data for life plans, that start at $30 per device.