LG’s European vice president Kim Wong said his company isn’t planning on making the next Google Nexus handset.

Speaking with All About Phones, Kim cited LG’s wish to push its own version of the Android operating system as a reason to move away from the Nexus, which runs stock Android.

Kim also seemed critical of Samsung’s move to allow Google to sell the Galaxy S4 with stock Android, saying a similar move provides “no added value for [LG].” He maintained that LG and Google still have a good working relationship.

Meanwhile, LG just announced the white version of the Google Nexus 4. The white Nexus will hit Hong Kong May 29 and roll out to Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East over the next few weeks.

In Comscore’s latest U.S. smartphone figures, LG was holding onto 6.8 percent of the market share.