IBM’s MessageSight Looks Ready to Deal With the “Internet of Things”

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 9:01am
Ben Munson

(LAS VEGAS)-IBM’s looking big picture at the needs of a smarter planet with the unveiling of its new appliance, MessageSight, which could come in handy once the “Internet of things” blows up in the consumer market.

The message hub comes ready to handle the galaxy of micro-transactions connected devices send and receive every day, with the ability to connect up to one million devices and process more than 13 million messages per second.

Mike Riegel, vice president of mobile & application integration middleware at IBM, sees a few M2M benefits MessageSight can offer over comparable products.

“With Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) being the open standard announced last week, it’s going to going to push the industry more toward that standard, which is the core technology that MessageSight is built around,” said Riegel.

Riegel added that the standard will promote interoperability in the industry and he’s pleased that MessageSight is on board right now.

But as for the advantages of the appliance itself, Riegel pointed out the scalability as a big breakthrough. He also praised the box’s ability to analyze and route massive amounts of information.

“When you think about something like connected cars, a car that’s now a data center can measure 8 or 10 data points every second,” Riegel said. “Eight or 10 of those per second, every second and over a million cars on the road means the number of messages coming in is going to be enormous in scale. It has to handle things like 13 million messages per second.”

It would seem running through all those bytes would push M2M to the point where only a 4G network could handle the volume, but Riegel was confident the low power and bandwidth demands of MQTT would ensure MessageSight could run on fallbacks.

Riegel thinks the timing for MessageSight couldn’t be better, with a likely explosion of connected devices hitting the consumer market in the near future. It’s a trend he attributes to the second wave of mobile, where the focus has turned toward driving real business and use cases. He gives equal credit for the incoming connected device swarm to Big Data and its ability to allow for interpreting and analyzing all the data coming in. And Riegel points out IBM’s customers know what’s coming as well.

“Our customers are telling us ‘We need a way to handle this. We don’t have a way,” said Riegel. “So that’s why we unveiled MessageSight.” 


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