C Spire Wireless has expanded its PERCS reward program to now award incentives to customers who engage with the wireless carrier on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and YouTube.

Participants will need to create a Social PERCS account and then they’ll be able to check-in at C Spire retail stores or C Spire sponsored events on Foursquare; subscribe, watch and like videos on YouTube; comment, share and like on Facebook; and retweet C Spire updates on Twitter; all of which will earn points. Then they can use the points for things like merchandise discounts, upgrades and gift cards.

C Spire’s PERCS is similar to what U.S. Cellular offers with its Rewards Program, but PERCS offers a lot more ways to earn points in addition to rewarding customer loyalty and tenure like U.S. Cellular. PERCS also resembles what MVNOs like FreedomPop have done with incorporating social networks into their business models and rewarding customers for engaging with other users in the network. 

C Spire customers have cashed in on PERCS’ benefits, according to a press release, with nearly 345,000 members, including nearly 71,000 non-customers, earning more than 190 million PERCS reward points.