AppGlu today launched its new Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that is geared toward giving enterprise users the ability to easily manage and update a mobile app after developers hand it over. CEO Adam Fingerman likened the platform to the sorts of CMS built for managing websites.

“We are delivering ‘Mission Control for Mobile Apps,’” said Fingerman in a press release.

The company, a spinout from ArcTouch, is offering two main components with its new platform: a content sync engine and a web-based dashboard called the Control Center, which will give users access to app management tools, analytics and customizable push notifications. The MEAP allows developers to stick with whatever native development tools and frameworks they were already using.

In a demonstration for Wireless Week, Fingerman showed off the backend, a bright, user-friendly interface that enabled quick updates and clearly visualized data. In addition, AppGlu features a staging environment that allows users to view changes to their app before publishing them.

The SDK for iOS, Android and HTML5 apps is out now and the company says the platform is already in use by companies like CBS and Honeywell.