Websites around the world are now getting more visits from tablets than from smartphones. The Adobe Digital Index, after analyzing more than 100 billion visits to more than 1,000 websites worldwide, estimates that 8 percent of that traffic originates from tablets while 7 percent comes from smartphones. The rest is attributed to laptops and PCs.

Adobe surveyed web traffic in the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, Canada, France, Australia and Germany. In the U.K., tablets accounted for 12.2 percent of web traffic compared to 7.4 percent from smartphones, the biggest margin of difference for all countries observed.

The report notes the impressive growth in web traffic originating from tablets considering the device category has only been around since 2010, when Apple released the first iPad. All the countries involved in the study have seen tablet traffic double in the last year.

The report states that users prefer tablets to smartphones for more in-depth web visits, adding that tablets users tend to view 70 percent more pages when browsing on a tablet.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, in 2012 the number of mobile-connected tablets more than doubled to 36 million and that each tablet generated 2.4 times as much traffic as an average smartphone. It added that in 2012 mobile data traffic per tablet was 820MB compared with 342MB per smartphone.