Verizon Wireless completed three sales of its 700 MHz A and B Block spectrum licenses to rural telecoms based in Texas and Oklahoma.

Nortex Communications, based in Muenster, Texas, picked up the Texas RSA 6-Jack 700 MHz lower B-block license, covering a four-county area northwest of Dallas. Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc., based in Guymon, Okla., acquired the Texas RSA 2-Hansford 700 MHz lower B-block license, which covers 12 counties in the northwest part of Texas. Colorado Valley Communications, which completed its deal with Verizon on Jan. 16, purchased a partitioned A-Block license covering a five-county area in the Houston market. 

“Verizon Wireless offered its lower 700 MHz spectrum licenses for sale to rationalize its spectrum holdings and enable more spectrum to reach the marketplace where it can be used for the benefit of customers,” said Verizon in a press release.

In a prior press release, Verizon said that it had sold or agreed to sell 36 of its 700 MHz licenses to 11 different telecommunications companies as part of its LTE in Rural American program.