Telefónica has announced a partnership with FeedHenry to provide enterprise customers with solutions for creating, managing and securely integrating mobile apps, hosted in the cloud. 

Telefónica will offer FeedHenry’s cloud-based mobile application platform alongside its Instant Servers enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as–a-Service solution, which is optimized for mobile and M2M applications.

According to a press release, the partnership will help Telefonica offer its customers the ability to design, build and manage mobile applications hosted in the cloud. For enterprises, where mobile apps and cloud computing are quickly becoming critical, this agreement will give organizations the ability to leverage the power of mobile and cloud to improve productivity and deliver new revenue streams.  

Cathal McGloin, CEO at FeedHenry said in a statement that the key to mobile business success in the era BYOD is to ensure apps are reliable, portable and secure. 

"We are seeing increased demand from enterprises seeking cloud-based mobile app platforms to reduce up-front costs and time to market,” McGloin said.