T-Mobile late yesterday announced the nationwide launch of a new prepaid brand, GoSmart Mobile. The carrier is pitching the new brand as ending the era of "DUM hidden fees, roaming charges and overly complicated annual contracts." 

GoSmart will launch with no-contract plans that start at $30 per month.

According to a press release, customers will have the choice of purchasing their own SIM kit to use in their own compatible mobile phone or they can buy a low-priced GoSmart phone. The company said that all GoSmart services are offered without limits. No DUM caps. No DUM overages. Just a very affordable service for calling, texting and Web surfing.

“You don’t need food bigger than your face, and you don’t need mobile phone plans that charge you more than you can afford for services you don’t want or need,” said Doug Chartier, senior vice president of marketing for GoSmart, in a statement. “GoSmart is one of the simplest, most budget-friendly options in wireless, with unlimited plans on a reliable nationwide network starting at $30 per month.”

The move by T-Mobile comes as it awaits regulatory approval of prepaid carrier MetroPCS. T-Mobile has also begun the shift towards offering its customers unsibsidized devices, which are financed and then paid for via monthly device fees.