T-Mobile SVP of B2B Frank Sickinger said BlackBerry’s new Z10 touchscreen smartphone could see release by mid-March.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Sickinger said tests are going well and that T-Mobile will speed up the launch date if possible, but mid-March seems to be the target right now.

“I’m glad to see BlackBerry launch a relevant product,” Sickinger told Bloomberg. “BlackBerry stands to do very well in 2013 with T-Mobile.”

At the BlackBerry 10 launch party Jan. 30, CEO Thursten Heins said he expected the Z10 to hit the U.S. market in March. The phone has already become available in Canada and the U.K., where initial demand has been strong.

AT&T and Verizon have both announced plans to offer the Z10 but have so far not offered specific release dates. Verizon has announced it will offer the phone for $199 on contract and that it will be the exclusively offering the white Z10.

The Q10, the QWERTY phone announced alongside the Z10 at last month’s BB10 launch, has no U.S. release date yet. Sprint has announced it will offer the Q10.