T-Mobile USA has added hosted and on-premise (Mobile Device Management) MDM provider MobileIron to its enterprise offerings, furthering its B2B push.

MobileIron is designed to address the issues that come with a BYOD policy, enabling businesses to manage and secure mobile devices, content and mobile applications on all major mobile platforms, including BlackBerry 10.

For enterprise customers seeking more comprehensive coverage including 24/7 managed service, T-Mobile has also announced a partnership with Mission Critical Wireless to provide system management and administration.

Frank Sickinger, senior vice president of B2B at T-Mobile, noted MobileIron’s loyal customer base and layered security as big factors in the deal, as well as the company’s ability to maintain a native experience.

“Users don’t want to have a mobile device management experience that fundamentally changes how they would utilize their device,” said Sickinger.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced Office Connect, a unified communication suite, as well as a mobile device financing program, both geared toward enterprise customers.