AT&T today announced a new Content Delivery Network for businesses that aims to provide speedy delivery of mobile apps, web pages and videos. 

AT&T CDN Service is available to U.S. customers as part of a previously annoucned partnership with Akamai Technologies to provide content delivery network solutions. 

AT&T has deployed Akamai's CDN infrastructure within its network infrastructure. Customers are expected to benefit from more efficient content routing and better delivery of digital content, video and Web applications, resulting in a better end-user experience. 

According to a press release, the CDN will do everything from enabling faster loading of website pages to accelerating software distribution, amontg other features. 

"Our new CDN solution allows [customers] to manage and deliver content faster and more efficiently to end-users across broadband, mobile, Wi-Fi, and Intranet connections to virtually any device," said Jon Summers , senior vice president of growth platforms for AT&T Business Solutions. 

The Akamai Intelligent Platform spans 81 countries and over 1,100 of the world's networks, with over 125,000 servers deployed in more than 2,100 locations as of 2012.