The Senate has confirmed military and wireless industry veteran Chuck Hagel as the next Secretary of Defense.

Hagel was a co-founder of Vanguard Cellular systems. At one time, Vanguard was the largest independent wireless carrier and was eventually bought by AT&T Wireless in 1999.  

Vanguard Cellular opertated mainly in the Eastern U.S., including Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. 

The recipient of two purple hearts for his service in Viet Nam, Hagel left Vanguard for two terms as a Senator from Nebraska. 

On Monday, Hagel overcame a procedural hurdle when 71 senators voted to end the debate over his confirmation. He only needed 60 votes for the Senate to move forward with the final confirmation process.

In the end, Hagel was officially confirmed Tueday by a 58-41 vote that included four Republicans who crossed party lines.