Ace Metrix, an ad tracking agency, released its updated list of Ace Scores for Super Bowl ads and gave BlackBerry's spot a 515 overall and Samsung's spot a 502.

Ace Metrix calculates its scores by combining a persuasion metric--based on factors like relevance, information and likeability--with a watchability metric that measures an ad's "ability to attract a viewer's interest in watching the ad voluntarily."

For last year's Super Bowl, Ace Metrix gave Samsung's "Samsunged Again" spot, which mocked Apple fanatics waiting in line, a 583 score.

This year was BlackBerry's first time airing a commercial during the Super Bowl.

Ace Metrix's highest scoring ad so far for this year's Super Bowl was Budweiser's "Brotherhood" (665) and its lowest scoring was Calvin Klein's "Concept" (362). The company will release a complete list Feb. 5.