Shares of RIM are once again soaring, up over 10 percent in morning trading, on news of strong developer support for BlackBerry 10, as well as report from Boy Genius Report that says the company will sell its new devices for a subsidized price of less than $199.

In a post on its developer blog, RIM today called the response to BlackBerry 10 and interaction from developers "nothing short of amazing," saying that over 19,000 applications to the company's "Port-a-Thon" were submitted to BlackBerry World over the weekend.

"This continues to show an overwhelming level of commitment from developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform," the company wrote in its blog.

Due to the response, RIM is extending the deadline for developers to submit their applications to the "Port-a-Thon" program.

Meanwhile, Boy Genius Report offered more details around RIM's launch event scheduled for New York City on Jan. 30, saying that on top of debuting the new OS, the company will formally announce the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry X10 smartphones, with the Z10 coming in a competitive price point of under $199, with a two-year agreement.

Shares of RIM were up over 10 percent in early morning trading to $17.48 as of 10:22 a.m. EST.